How the Journalism Class Works


7th grade Journalism student Abigail Poblano interviews P.E. teacher Mr. Mejia.

Welcome to Dragon News! Dragon News is a journalism class at O’Donovan Academy in South Los Angeles.  Journalism is the activity or profession of writing newspapers, reporting events or important information and preparing news for publication on our website or broadcast in our school’s morning announcements. Our teacher is Mr. Stich and you can go to our school website at to read his bio and learn more about him.

Journalism class is where you can develop new skills. You can also report about celebrities and do interviews. We also talk about events that are going on in our school, about different topics and do research on a lot of stuff. We also have the opportunity to work on computers and inform others about what’s going on whether it’s in school or outside of school. You also have the chance to write an article or story about anything you want as long as it’s acceptable. You also have the chance to boost up your confidence by talking to other people. We learn how to write articles and learn how to write our opinions on different topics. We learn about what is going on around the world like current events, things that may have happened in the past, and spread the word about upcoming events.

Our teacher made this group because he thought that it’s really important. Mr. Stich said, students should “explore questions about the world around them and the people that inhabit it. Interviewing skills helps students build effective communication skills and the process of planning, writing, and revising reinforce literacy skills. This website was built for us to have a platform to post our work. This includes written articles as well as multimedia like photos, videos, and podcasts that can bring our work to life and make it more interesting and entertaining for users. This is news gathered by and reported by actual O’Donovan students. This gives our unique perspective on not just school events but nationwide and global events. These are the things that matter to us and our thoughts about them, No one can report the news like we can for our own community.”