The intro:

Deportation is something that should be stopped immediately. To start, there are so many reasons why deportation is a bad idea like causing mental and emotional problems for people and kids. Deportation can hurt many people but some people often think that deportation can help our country change for the better.

Why deportation is a bad idea:

Many Hispanic families came to the U.S. hoping to get a better life. However, Trump can take all their dreams of “freedom” away by deporting them. Not only would he be taking away their freedom, but he would be tearing families apart. Hispanic people help build many economies and they also bring in a lot of cultures into the U.S. With Trump deporting, Hispanics won’t be able to get the opportunities that they’re looking for in this country and they could not provide a better life for their family. There are many reasons why deportation is such a bad idea, as it says in an article written by Suzanne Gamboa, “Each year, the U.S. gets about 1,000 applications from immigrant families in the U.S. seeking permission to stay in the country and not face deportation so family members can continue lifesaving medical care that is not available in their home countries.” This shows that immigrants come to the U.S. for things that they don’t have access to in their home countries.

Why people think deportation is a good idea:

Many people think deportation is a good idea because it gives them (people that are on Trump side) the advantage to do things “their way,” such as letting them have the opportunity to do anything they want with jobs or the country. Trump thinks that by deporting immigrants, Americans can be even safer. For example, he wanted to build a wall between Mexico and America because he thought Mexicans were a threat. As it says in an article written by Aaron Rupa, it states, “ Trump began his presidential bid nearly four years ago by smearing Mexicans as rapists and criminals. He then campaigned on a “deportation force” and the wall that Mexico was going to pay for.” Trump also thinks that by deporting immigrants they can save a lot of money in welfare. He says that $11-22 billion gets spent on welfare issued to “illegal aliens” each year. People want Hispanics out of America so that we can be a “better” community and live a “better” life.


The conclusion:

There’s always more than one side of a story but it depends on what you want to believe in. In this case, it depends on what you feel is better for your country and if you want to say anything about this situation that’s currently going on. There’s always something that needs to be changed in the world and it’s up to us to help change that.