Singer and Songwriter, Melanie Martinez



   Melanie Martinez is a pop singer who was born on April 28,1995 and was raised  in Astoria, New York with her parents Mery and Jose Martinez. At a young age she was bullied a lot for being to emotional and for her gap between her teeth and giving her the name Crybaby for being to emotional. Melanie started to practiced painting and taking photographs. At a young age she wanted to be a singer so her school let her take singing classes with her teacher and started to write poetry in kindergarten. Then much later started to teach herself guitar and posted a songs online.



In 2012 Melanie starred in a Talent Show that was on television after she graduated high school. After that talent show she went to National Television later in 2012 in season 3 of the voice Melanie Went there as contestant, 3 out of 4  turned. Her new coach Adam Levine has kept her in the finals and unfortunately she was eliminated from the show after 3 weeks of being on the finals. But that didn’t stop her from making music. Then still today she is still making music and makes a Net worth of $2 million dollars.  


One of Melanie’s albums is called CryBaby. Which the name is based on her nickname back in school. The album tells a story of character based on Melanie Martinez named CryBaby. According the the Album CryBaby has a rough life with her family and nobody else sees these problems but CryBaby. 

Melanie’s next album are small ones with only around 4 to 3 songs. One of the albums is called CryBaby’s Extra Clutter is more songs that has to do with her CryBaby album.  Then her other small Album is called Dollhouse which is again like CryBaby’s Extra Clutter, just a small amount of extra songs. Some Other albums have remixes that fans or her have done which is again a small amount of songs. So recently Melanie’s new album is named K-12 which is basically continuing the story of CryBaby. This story tells about CryBaby’s school life and saying everything that real life teens and her go through. 

Movie K-12

This movie is a debut to her album K-12 which came out in selected theaters in September 6 . This puts a deeper story to CryBaby’s life and her powers she has in the movie. The movie cost between $5 million and $6 million to make. It’s available on YouTube for music premium member only. Clips of some her music from her movie is available for free. So I recommend you go watch it if you have music premium or go watch clips from her movie.  K-12   was filmed in  Eszterháza in Fertőd, Hungary.                   

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