Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day?

David Rangel, Reporter, 6th Grader

                                                            Veterans Day


 Most of us know that Veterans Day is a tradition that falls on November 11th of every year but fun fact, November 11th is the day when “The First World War” or “The Great War” ended. “The Great War” began when a Serbian Shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. Then began a war that killed about 16 Million People.The Well known Allies were France, Britain, The United

States, Russia, Japan, Serbia, Belgium, And Italy. Veterans Day first began on the 11th of November in 1938. Veterans Day is celebrated to honor those who serve in the Military. Did you know that there is an annual ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for those who have died in the military? But Veterans Day is not only celebrated by America. But it’s also celebrated by France, Australia, Great Britain, and Canada.



  • There are about 16.1 Million American Veterans that have been in at least one war.
  • 16 Million Americans served in The Second World War (1939-1945)
  • Of those 16 Million, about 558,000 are still alive.
  • 7 million veterans have served during the Vietnam War (1955-1975)
  • 5.5 million veterans have served during the Persian Gulf War ( 1990-1991)
  • There were about 407,000 Dead in the US that served in WW2
  • 116,708 American military personnel died during World War 1
  • About 2,852,901 US Servicemen are Casualties of War


Now you know that Veterans Day is not just a free day off school for students, but it has a significant meaning behind. It’s sad losing those who served us well, but also a beautiful holiday to help us honor those who lost their lives protecting us and helping us produce a future generation. And all those who have lost their lives in combat, rest in Arlington National Cemetery.