All Around Me Are Familiar Faces: The Movie

All Around Me Are Familiar Faces: The Movie


All Around Me Are Familiar Faces: The Movie is a movie about a lot of sad moments going on including Yandere losing Senpai, William’s Rubix cube meltdown, and water cup fail. This movie you can watch on Youtube for  free by just looking up the title “All Around Me Are Familiar Faces” or by clicking the link above. The movie is 1 hour long and if you into the movie you’ll probably laugh half the way into the movie.


This movie mainly contains scenes from hilarious or sad vines, and edits them, when it the moment, the scenes that are different though for William. When they play scenes with William they play the real song instead of the meme of “Mad World.” These scenes are usually family troubles with their son William, friend Andy, and Bill the father, they usually end up fighting over pointless things, like William was mad over not being able to open the youtube play button so he burned it, mainly crazy things happen when they show William. Most of the movie overall is about funny moments from other vines and combine it with the same tunes.


This Movie However doesn’t have the best budget, It’s borrowing the vines and turning it into memes and using it for the movie, they have rights because they got them from asking the channels and companies to use those scenes.


If you choose to watch this movie it’s really easy you just go to youtube and search for All around me are familliar faces Movie and it should appear. This movie is mainly for people that have a somewhat good sense of humor.