Poverty in Nigeria

Poverty in Nigeria


       How would you feel if you lived in Nigeria where there is extreme poverty and so much violence around you? Nigeria is a country in the continent of Africa and it is one of the most poorest countries in the world. 7.1 million people in Nigeria live below the poverty line and has the highest economic growth rates. In addition, half of the population is in poverty. The city that has the most poverty is Lagos, Nigeria they thought to be living on less than $1.90 a day. It is worth $510 billion but does little for its economy. By 2030 the percntage of poverty will increase 44.2% to 45.5%. 


The poverty was because of many different reasons, some of them are because of income inequalities, unemployment and bad governance. The main cause of it is there is a low rate in education. 10.5 million children are not in school. With there being poverty there are many diseases like malaria, lower respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, diarrheal diseases, road injuries, protein-energy malnutrition, cancer, meningitis, stroke and tuberculosis, 182 million people have some of those diseases.  

The Nigerian government is runned by the president Muhammadu Buhari. Supreme court is the highest court in nigeria and The Supreme Court cheif justice of Nigeria currently is Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad. It is located in  Central District, Abuja. There are 3 distinct systems of law in Nigeria, which are Common law, Customary law, and Sharia. Nigerian corruption and poverty are interrelated and encourages each other. When looking at human development, Nigeria is at the bottom of the scale and corruption scores highest.


In addition to all of that there is so much deadly violence going on and artists are protesting against it. Seven people have died in the latest cycle of xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Some evidence I found was,“Jidenna, who is Nigerian American, also called out the attacks on Twitter, connecting it and the recent rape and murder of a 19-year-old South African woman to apartheid and neocolonialism.’’. There are detailed attacks from gasoline bombings to stabbings. People not from Nigeria are saying they never want to go there again until the government fixes the problem. 

Overall Nigeria is a really bad economy, with the government being unfair and causing poverty all over the country, then everyone is being affected terribly. A good thing about all this is that poverty is getting a little bit better and actionaid is trying to help it. By July 2018 83 million people were lifted from poverty.  Increased by over 18 percent from 2003 to 2015. Nigeria  is one of the top GDP countries in Africa.