Cheerleading Is a Sport!

Cheerleading Is a Sport!

    Do you think cheerleading is a sport? If you don’t, your wrong because it is. Cheerleading is a team activity which include dance, stunts, jumps, and tumbling. In cheerleading, there are a lot of rules and if you want to win, you have to follow them. They have to wear a uniform that has to be really pretty. Cheerleaders usually practice daily so they can perfect their routine. In the routine everyone needs to be synchronized and all together. They perform their routine to the school (School) or to the judges (Competitive). In stunts there are bases who are athletes at the bottom holding the flyers, the flyers are the person at the top being held, and there are the backbases which are in the back of the stunt help hold the flyer up so they won’t fall. The routines have to be 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 


Some people think cheer is not a sport but it is more than a sport. Cheer teams work out, run and have to deal with all team players just like any other sport.  I don’t know how many people have actually paid attention to the cheerleaders besides just looking at them based on how they look, but their formations, flips, tumbles and tosses are very difficult to pull off.  They get very into their routine and can get as into it as somebody who is at a football game. Cheerleaders have practice every week just like other sports like soccer or football. Cheerleaders get so many injuries that they get used to it sometimes like other sports.


As a matter of fact, in school cheer you have to have spirit and prep to cheer for the sports teams at school. But in competitive cheerleading we compete for trophies against other cheer teams. In school cheer they also have to have pom poms and in all stars cheer they don’t. They do have things in common like wearing  bows and having uniforms. In competitive cheerleading it is year round, from May to May. competitive cheerleading is considered all-star. In all-stars cheer we sometimes workout to become stronger and school cheer doesn’t really do that. In my opinion i think competitive cheer is way harder than school. There practices can usually go up to 2-5 hours long and it is mostly time doing full out routines. 

When May comes around, after the end of the season, there’s one of the biggest competitions. It is in las vegas and happens every year. It is usually hosted by JAMZ.  It takes 3 and a half hours by car from Los Angeles to Vegas. The places depend on how many teams they are competing against. In the competition there are many different trophies going out to different levels. If they win 1st place in their level you get a big trophy.  They also get a banner, ribbons, and more if you win. Usually there is only one competition after the one in vegas.

In competitive cheer there are judges and they criticize the team on a paper that the coaches get to see the score they got and the judges decide what place the teams get, which the teams normally want 1st. They even look at what you are wearing, your uniforms, makeup, shoes, and bows, if they don’t have them on they can get points taken off. When the cheerleaders perform the routine and one of there bows or shoes comes off they get points deducted from their score and they are most likely on the risk of not getting 1st place. The points decide what place they get, so for example if they score 90 then there more likely to win 1st place. The teams go against their own level not all the teams. There is level 1 which they are the lower ones in stunts and tumbling. There is level 2 which are higher in stunts and tumbling and need to have a backhandspring on the floor. There is level 3 which means they need to have a standing tuck on the floor and have much higher stunts. There is level 4 wich they need to have two back handsprings and a tuck, and so on until level 6.