Why Do We Need Circle?

December 13, 2019


Some of us may ask why we have to have circle?And why is it important? Based on The Valor Compass website it shows at the reason why circle is so important is because:


  1. “students who are prepared to lead inspired, purposeful lives”
  2. “strong school culture and climate”
  3. “amplified academic results”
  4. “strong relationships and sense of belonging”
  5. “strong organizational culture, and”
  6. “talent retention and development”

Circle is a time when we can connect, feel love, make it feel like a safe place, and express our feelings. At O’Donovan we have done circle but in 2019 they want to try something new that will help many students into trying their best in school, feeling loved, etc. Us as students may think how come only students have to do circle, do work, Residence, appreciation, etc. Let me tell you that it is false staff and teachers do circle every Tuesday at 3:00-3:35. Also, once a month on Tuesday all the staff and teachers come together to do circle. Then the other Tuesday there are mini circle there are 3 groups (6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade) led by Ms.Funes, Mrs. Ibarra, and Ms.Garrett. Sometimes they do not come to school because they go to trainings as they are the leaders of circle. 


Q and A * questions students have asked about circle*

Why can’t we go to different classes during circle? Why can’t we be mixed with different genders? 

The reason why students can not go to different gender classes during circle is because throughout the year we want students to create a bond where they can trust their teacher and the students in their advisory classes, and show how they feel towards each other, etc. So, if you had to change classes, let’s say a week, we won’t be uncomfortable to show how we feel to people who we might not know. But, if you have the same gender types for circle that will be willing to open up a bit more, etc. We can not be mixed with different genders, because if we were mix then will not really want to open up to share our feelings. Also, the reason why we are not mix is because may be, we can connect more, with genders. 

How Circle has Affected Students

Lezly P. (8th grader):  “Circle itself isn’t really helping me a lot but the people in it are. My teacher Ms.Rocha is always in circle understanding us and helping us in the best way she can. She has also been able to help me with my confidence. The students in there know how to make your day. So what I can say is yes, circle has affected me is some good ways.” 

Cindy R. (6th grader): “Circle hasn’t really affected me a lot only by giving me a chance to share how i feel.It also helps me get close to the people that are there, along with my teacher. It is fun to do circles most of the time but it really isn’t because it gets boring at times. We should have circle when we come back from break because someone might have had a bad week and might want to talk about it.”

Emily V. (6th grader): “Circle hasn’t really affected me in the first week because I didn’t  share my feelings that much because thought that the people would say things about me but now I get a chance to express myself with people I trust and know they will keep the things that happen in the circle stays in the circle.”

What we do every week during circle: 

Monday:  Morning Announcements/ House meetings

Tuesday: Badge work/ Coaching 

Wednesday: Mini Circles 

Thursday: Morning Announcements/ Academic Check In

Friday: Compass Circle 




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