Effects of School Shootings


Josh Hild

Shootings are a very scary thing to experience, but sadly they are usually becoming a common thing that have been happening recently around the world. According to Alfred University shootings can happen for many reasons. In many cases, the school shooter is usually a victim of bullying throughout their school years or usually live through a traumatic event that became the motive of the school shooting. Sometimes another motive can be hatred towards the people’s ethnicity.

Why They Happen

Shootings are most common in the United States. This is because guns are very easy to acquire. This leads to people having access to firearms without much resistance. Then with a firearm there isn’t much a person can do to stop themselves from commiting these acts of terrorism. Some causes of these shootings might be because they are depressed, or have mental problems, sometimes it can be to get back at someone and also because of childhood violence, trauma or maybe bullying at school or at home. 

     The Effects On Families

As you can imagine shootings can leave a negative effect on a county, state, or country. The families of the dead will be affected for a long time. But even students who have survived a shooting are affected emotionally and physically. According to NBC News the people affected can be diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. The people affected can be affected just by being a witness of a shooting. They can be Anxious whenever they go out in public. Some might even be drawn to Suicide by witnessing such an event. 

Infamous School Shootings 

There have been many School Shootings, but some of the most infamous ones are, the Columbine High School Massacre, in Colorado on April 20th, 1999. On this day, 18-year old Eric Harris and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold killed 15 people, including themselves. But then On April 16, 2007 a young man named Sueng-Hui Cho killed 33 people including himself and wounded 17 others, in Virginia Tech College with a Glock 19  pistol and a Walther P22 pistol. On December 14th 2012 a 20-year-old named Adam Lanza shot his mother while she slept. He took a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle and a .22 caliber Savage Mark II rifle and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School. There he shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults. Then he took his own life. On Valentine’s Day 2018, A 17 year old named Nikolaz Cruz shot and killed 17 people and wounded 17 more with an Ar-15 style Rifle. He was later taken into custody. But the worst incident of this wasn’t really in a school in America. But a School Camp in Norway. On the 22nd of July in 2011. A man named Anders Behring Breivik started his attack by driving a van to the Government Quarter in Oslo. The van exploded and killed 8 people. He then went to Utøya. He was dressed as a fake cop. He said he was sent by the police to protect the island. But when 2 staff members asked for an ID. He killed them both. He then killed 77 people in total that day and wounded at least 309 armed with a Ruger Mini-14 and a Glock 34.

Taking Action 

People all over the United States want stricter gun policies. With weapons like these so easy to obtain it can happen anywhere and that’s not right. The Government needs to have stricter gun policies for us to be safe. There have even been more shootings than days in this year. Losing life to a firearm isn’t acceptable. But the Trump Administration hasn’t done enough. People are still dying to this, and if people still die of gun violence, it’s not good enough yet. There have been over 2,000 shootings ever since the Columbine Massacre And more than 2,300 people have been killed in gun violence. So may all those who have died to gun violence Rest In Peace.