What are the advantages/disadvantages of being exposed to tech at a young age?



The first advantage that I am going to go over is hand-eye coordination. Children develop their hand-eye coordination through engaging apps that have you interact with what is happening on the screen. This is useful because as they begin school, they need to have decent hand-eye coordination as they learn to use their hands and eyes to write and draw. Being exposed to technology young can also lead to improved language skills. If they use Ebooks or if they access stories online they can learn new words and how to pronounce them properly. Modern children usually are really good at using modern technology like computers. Early exposure can also promote school readiness and development. According to Digiparenthood “Many developmentally appropriate computer programs increase a child’s readiness to learn Reading and Math. Technology may provide basic skills in which children must have competency in order to be successful in school; skills critical for children to then engage successfully in higher-order thinking and applied learning.” Next I will talk about how it gives you a higher capacity for visual attention. The reason behind this is that when the person is playing the game, they usually concentrate on their next move. For example in RPGs, or role playing games, the person has to move the character around while they are planning their next move. These games make the person think of many things at once, thus making the player pay attention to every detail in order to succeed in the game. Technology also increases social interaction skills. This is because when technology is not used for games or entertainment, it can be used to collaborate with other people. This encourages children to collaborate with each other using tech tools. Tech can also increase the motivation to complete tasks. This is because many games are made to encourage children to keep trying to beat a level until they actually do, unlocking another level for them to beat. This encourages them to persevere at things that aren’t even on the screen like school tasks. 


One of the disadvantages is that it takes away time for the person to interact with people. Even though children may interact with people through some games but people, especially little children, need to interact with people physically to develop empathy and build social skills. Another disadvantage is that there is too much stimulation. It’s easy for a kid at a young age to be overwhelmed by all the loud noises, bold colors, and flashing lights. If a child becomes too dependent on the tech then they might have a hard time later on with  things like reading or drawing and they would have trouble paying attention to things that don’t involve tech like a teacher writing on a whiteboard. Relying on tech actually reduces the imagination of a child. It reduces their imagination because Technology doesn’t make the child imagine whatever they want to, tech just shows the kid what it is trying to tell them. This can lead to problems in life like ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and anxiety. Children struggle with time management when they use tech. It’s similar to how adults feel when they are in a casino. When they are interacting with video games, they are not able to see the time. Because of this people to get extremely focused on the game that they are playing because they don’t have to worry about the time. Video games may also impact a kid’s vision. Children who use screen-based tech have the chance of getting computer-eye syndrome. Long screen exposure can create blurred vision, eye fatigue, double vision, and in some cases a burning sensation. People that use tech while sitting risk getting lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, and vision concerns. The most effective way to prevent this damage is to have a 20-minute break for every 30 minutes of technology use. The place where the person uses the tech should be fit for them. The screen should be a maximum of 28 inches away from the eye.