Hidden Talents

Angelina Jolie: knife throwing

Angelina Jolie: knife throwing

Emily Velazco, Reporter

We all have many hidden talents well some of us. We might have the hidden talent of making bird noises, being double-jointed, beatboxing or acting like a frog. These are some hidden talents that you may have, or you could try them out. Eyebrow Dancing, singing with your mouth closed or full of marshmallows, pen spinning, talking backwards, fast reading, being double jointed, and making a four-leaf clover with your tongue.


Most people think they can do these different types of things maybe they can maybe they can’t. According to Can You Make a Cloverleaf Tongue? | Colgate® https://www.colgate.com › oral-health › basics ›mouth-and-teeth-anatomy they stated that “A note published in a very old (1949) issue of the Journal of Heredity states that “at least four people in the United States” can shape their tongue into a cloverleaf pattern. For what it’s worth, the four people weren’t related to each other. They say that they weren’t related to each other because they think that doing these things come from your genes not the pants but how your related to someone such as your parents.

You might have never known but some of these hidden talents and other, some celebrities can do such as Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Jessie J, and others. Here are 16 celebrities that have talents that we didn’t know. Starting off with Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift is more than just a singer and a guitarist but she also has double-jointed elbows and she isn’t the only one on our list that has double-jointed elbows but also Demi Lovato. Third-person is Camila Cabello, Camila can make a four-leaf clover with her tongue. I didn’t mention this talent but Kim Kardashian can sense if someone has a cavity its not because their breath smells bad but another person that has a weird talent is Katy Perry, Katy Perry can do a spot on frog impression.

Here are more celebrities that have hidden talents. Jessie J can Sing with her mouth closed and she can also sing with her mouth full of marshmallows. Kendall Jenner, Kendall is not just an actress but she can also make bird noises, Mariah Carey can also make bird noises when she was making the noise she told them to buy her new album. Victoria Justice, Victoria can imitate the rock by doing the wave with her eyebrows just like The Rock. Angelina Jolie is an amazing actress but she is also a master knife-thrower she learned about butterfly knife-throwing on the set of “Tomb Raider” after she became an expert at it. Another person is Justin Bieber, Justin is not just a singer but he can be a master using the rubix cube and the drums. Neil Patrick Harris, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t just an actor, writer, singer, but he is also a magician. 

Now to our last four people starting with Beyonce. Beyonce is a pretty person but she also has a secret talent, Beyonce has a weird talent it  is to cross her eyes making one go left or right and one straight she can flare her nostrils, wiggle her ears and pop her shoulder. Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez can shoot her gum in the air and catch it with her mouth. Last two people are Vanilla Ice and Kesha, Vanilla Ice is a master jet skier and Kesha is a teeth crafter. 


There are more than just celebrities can do these fascinating and extraordinary things. Some kids can do these such as my friend Cindy can do a four-leaf clover with her tongue and talking about this Ashley Madrid and Madelyn Blades can do different tongue tricks.Last people are Sebastian Velazquez, Sebastian can wave his eyebrows back and forth and I can also make a four leaf-clover with my tongue.