The Horror Of Cyberbullying and Preventing it


What is cyberbullying? 

Cyberbullying is a different way to bully but using electronic devices. For example, you can say harsh things about a person online that will lead them to feel bad about themselves. Another example of cyberbullying is that you make rumors about them that are not true on the internet. You can also threaten them online which is another way of cyberbullying.

What effects do cyberbullying cause to people?

Cyberbullying is a problem because it leads people to depression and that can cause them to harm themselves. Many people mostly teens who get bullied think bad about themselves and they start believing the things people say on the internet. That’s not the only problem like people start cutting themselves and even worse they try to kill themselves. People start engaging themselves in self-harm, they have suicidal thoughts, and they develop more anxiety the more they believe that everything people say about them on the internet is true.

Ways to stop cyberbullying

Some ways that you can stop cyberbullying are by talking to others about wh0at you have seen or what have you experienced with cyberbullying. You can also ignore any cyberbullying threats or anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. Tell an adult about you getting cyberbullied. If you get cyberbullied in school then show evidence to the school so they can talk to the person who cyberbullied you.