Syrian War From Past To Present

December 20, 2019

During 2011, March 15 was when dreams stopped, and the nightmares had begun.  You may wonder why, but think about it for a second, what causes suffering and pain to mostly innocent people? Well we are here to tell you about a war, a war unknown to many people throughout the world, but that also has changed the lives of many people in a devastating way. This war is happening in Syria, known as the Syrian Civil War/Syrian Crisis, where it has created the feeling of pain and suffering to people like children, women, men, and animals in Syrian.

 Before the war in Syrian War, life blossomed through day and night and people’s lives were happy and normal as it could possibly be. Throughout these days, protesters were outside fighting for their rights. The government didn’t really want to deal with them so they responded back with armed forces. Things started to get worse the protesters became violent and started an armed rebellion. It has been going so long at the world forgot about the war. The thing that hurts me and might for you is how during the war, the government of Syria order their men to get on planes and destroy schools even hospitals.They were destroying every possible thing that would help them out. You won’t believe how Syrian was such a beautiful place until war affected the environment. It now all about pain, hurt, sides, etc. These causes have made many people to leave their country not knowing if they will ever be able to come back.


Now that we have mostly introduced the idea of how the Syrian War has affected people and the actual land of Syria, let’s talk about some actual facts. We have said that the war is being fought between the government and its citizens but its not only two groups. Within the citizens, many groups have been created and some are little threats but others are really dangerous. One group that is the most dangerous is ISIL or also known as ISIS. Throughout the first 3 years of war, ISIS gained lots of territory all over Syria. ISIS is a group that has gone against the government the most. They are one of the most powerful groups and are considered to be terrorists. Syria isn’t the only place fighting but other countries are taking part in it. Those other countries are the U.S, Saudi Arabia, Russia and of course where it’s located is Iran. The Syrian War doesn’t just use guns and bombs but they use some powerful tools. Many chemicals bombs are used which affect many people in an instant, children  and adults are left fighting for their lives and many don’t make it out alive. What makes the situation worse is many newborns are affected really badly with their respiratory system. They are left with getting the tiniest breaths and sadly end up dying. This as proved why the Syrian War is happening right now, and if there is no solution to it it will continue and cause more pain, etc. Since 2016 the number of amount of deaths have been 400,00. That number was like 3 years ago and that already a lot. Imagine the amount of deaths that must be counted right now today in 2019. Right now those numbers won’t stop increasing since this in an ongoing war.

Now can conclude that the issue about the Syria War is no good at all, especially for those innocent people who suffered and still suffering from it. We need to be grateful for what we have in life because in Syrian kids our age for suffering because of the Syrian war.

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