Laughstock Studios terminated by COPPA

Manuel Flores, Reporter, 7th grade

Youtube’s new rule COPPA which is for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act terminated accounts on Youtube on January 1st, 2020, One of those accounts were called Laughstock Studios, Laughstock posted pranks and trolling videos on people on Instagram and prank calls as well, The reason his videos were deleted because in Youtube’s eyes he was cyberbullying others. His account wasn’t fully deleted However 95% of his prank videos were deleted except one which was a prank call one of his friends. He is one of many victims who’s channels were affected by COPPA.

Other YouTubers that were affected by COPPA were XboxAddictionz, Pewdipie, SuperMarioLogan.He hasn’t made a video explaining what happened but on his Instagram, he posted he would make a video discussing what happened. Personally to me, his channel was hilarious and it’s sad to see his work gone.


 hope he has a backup drive or something with those videos because those were funny and a lot of people enjoyed them. Hopefully, he doesn’t have to change his channel because other YouTubers that have been affected have had to change the ways of their channel. For example, Supermariologan had to create his own characters into puppets because he’s not allowed to use family-friendly characters.