Australia’s Fires

Australia's Fires

   In Southern Australia there are bushfires and the haze is covering 70% of the country. The smoke blocked the light of the sun. You can see the fire from space and the fire is spreading all over the country quickly. The air quality was the worse in the world, which was causing nose, eye, and throat irritation. Also, the climate change increases the risk of wildfires. Massive fires have raged along the nation’s east coast for months, pushing it across the Pacific. NASA expects the smoke to travel all the way around the world in a circle and return back to Australia. 

Koalas and many more animals are dying and 1 billion animals are dying or died. Koalas don’t have food or water and their habitat is being destroyed. Flames are up to 200 feet in the air and Koalas climb trees at panic, at the top they are safe when the fire is low, but it’s deadly when the fire reaches crown fire. They can’t flee so the koalas wonder into people’s backyards and streets to survive. It gets worse every 2 days but, Koalas are not extinct yet, they are endangered.  Australia’s 3rd largest island is best known as a wildlife heaven but also most half is burned. More than 7 hundred animals have been found so far burned. The fire went through all the sanctuary, it’s over 2000 hectares. It devastated the koala habitat. Soldiers have arrived to search for injured and burned wildlife. Young koalas have to be treated and fed by vets. 

Firefighters are being sent from USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada to Australia to help them out. More than 100 firefighters have been sent. Three American firefighters lost their lives in a fiery crash. They went down on a fire bombing mission. All three of the men were U.S veterans and they had served on a California-based Coulson crew, California Gov. the firefighters names were Ian McBeth, Paul Hudson, and Rick DeMorgan Jr. The crash occurred near Snowy Monaro and it was in a water tank plane crash. 

At the moment 28 people have died nationwide and 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged because of the bush wildfires. The fire burned over 27 million hectares. UK scientists are saying the bush fires are a waring what may become around the world. 1,000 people spent the night on the beach to seek shelter from the flames, covered in smoke and ashes. Everywhere  where the fires hit it destroys everything in its way. 

The weather in australia is very extreme, floods and then fires at the same time. Officials are hoping the  the rain will dampen the fires and make it better. But the floods will only put out some of the water all of it. Also, with the ground very dye the water just bounces off the ground and that doesn’t help. A lot of people are suffering so you should donate something over to Australia, even something little can help them.