Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, a holiday on February 14 is a time when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. It came to be celebrated as a day of romance from about the 14th century. Valentines commonly depict Cupid, the Roman god of love, along with hearts. Traditional gifts include candy and flowers, particularly red roses, a symbol of beauty and love.The day is popular in the United States as well as in Britain, Canada, and Australia, and it is also celebrated in other countries, including Argentina, France, Mexico, and South Korea. In the Philippines, it is the most common wedding anniversary, and mass weddings of hundreds of couples are not uncommon on that date. The holiday has expanded to expressions of affection among relatives and friends. Many schoolchildren exchange valentines with one another on this day. To show how much they care for them and this is their way of saying thank you. 

Now you know your history about valentine’s day. We will ask questions to students about Valentine’s Day.


  • What are you planning to do in valentine’s?
  •  What do you think most people do on Valentin’s Day?
  • Do you think it is an important holiday
  • How has valentine’s day impact you?
  • Do you have a valentine’s date? If so, how do you feel about it? If not would you like to have one?
  • What does Valentine mean to you?


What I’m planning to do on Valentine’s Day is to get something for my friends and my family. What I think most people do on Valentine’s Day is that people would take their date somewhere or buy them something. Yes, I think it’s an important holiday because it is a day where people can show how much they appreciate each other. It has impacted me to show how much you appreciate someone and care for them. No, I don’t have a valentinesdate but I am going to get something for my friends and my family. What valentines means to me is just to show how much you appreciate others for who they are. -Emily 


What I’m planning to do on Valentine’s Day is getting something for my friends. I think most people might do the same or not do anything at all. Yes I think it is an important holiday because you can show people how much you love and care for them. Valentines hasn’t really had an impact on me. I don’t have a valentines date but I don’t think I would want one cause I would easily forget to get them something. Valentines means when you tell someone how much you love them so you get them a gift. -Ashley 


What I’m planning to do on Valentines is go out with some friends to have fun and then get something to eat at night. What I think most people do on Valentines day is spend time with their loved ones and/or do something fun/ romantic. I think that Valentines to me is both a bad and good holiday because some people just don’t have that special connection with someone to celebrate it with and its a good holiday because it gives those who have a loved one a reason to be with that someone in that specific day. Valentines day has impacted me because it has shown me that i don’t really need a loved one to spend it with for the reasons that I’m an independent person and this doesn’t really affect how I feel on that day. I do not have a Valentines date and I wouldn’t really want one because like I said I’m more of an independent person and I don’t need anyone to be happy on Valentines Day. What Valentines means to me is a special day to celebrate with your valentines date/loved one because this day you get to celebrate the amount of time you’ve had each other and how much you have supported one another. -Kelly Cid

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