Is Homework A Punishment?


Abigail Poblano and Erica Parra

Many of you might consider homework as a punishment.  However, homework is supposed to help you learn and understand the concepts that are being taught in school. Some people considered homework as a punishment because it causes academic burnout. Academic burnout is a negative emotional, physical and mental reaction to a prolonged study that results in exhaustion, frustration, lack of motivation and reduced ability in school.10 years old blonde school boy while doing his homework. - homework stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Being given too much homework can have horrible outcomes. Homework might be a punishment because it gives them a lack of sleep, headaches, and weight loss. Students are put into so much stress from a lot of homework. Homework can cause a lack of sleep because a student might stay up late in order to finish an assignment or project. Stress from homework could be a factor in the deterioration of mental health. Stress from homework could also cause a student to skip meals causing weight loss. Homework can also cause academic burnout. It could also prevent students from spending time with their families because they want to get everything done to get a good grade. 

Homework is not a punishment because it gives students more practice if they are struggling. It also develops a responsibility and study skill for students. Homework can actually be helpful in life since you can improve new skills from it. It also helps teachers learn from what the student is in need of. It even helps students get smarter in the topic they are learning about. Homework is also given to teachers not only students. A lot of people don’t like homework because they would rather do other activities such as video games or sports. However, it will make students learn less which will probably affect their academics and understanding. Homework is a need for students.