The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

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Sleeping is a very important part of our lives, yet it’s so often overlooked. We may even joke about it, saying we want to sleep but the minute we come home, we forget all about it. Little do people all around the world know is about how exactly sleep is so helpful to us every day. Today, I’ll be talking about how sleep is important for our health physically and mentally.

First, I’d like to pint out how important sleep is for humans throughout our day. You reading this very article is cooperated by the sleep you had last night. If you didn’t sleep, there’s a really big chance that you’re not paying attention to this as much as you would if you did get at least 7 hours of sleep. Not only reading this article but also doing everyday things like using your cell phone, talking to your friends, remembering the homework you have to do after school or even listening to people talking to you as you get distracted very easily. Studies show that after a long night without sleep, your brain cells are tired and can’t properly function to keep you awake and alert as usual throughout your day. Our reactions to everything around us are also way off. We may not have the energy to react to the

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big news you don’t get every day with such shock and our reactions can also be way slower Psychologists have also studied that humans are far more negative for about really anything. Because someone can be so sleep-deprived and it causes slower reactions, it’s way easier for them to see the negatives rather than looking for the positives in their day. It also takes them way longer to get over the negative emotion they felt a while ago.


Not only does sleep-deprivation affect our mentality, but also on our physical health. Sleeping gives you the energy to do other physical activities like simply walking through the halls in school every day or other activities that require more effort like sports. Not having enough sleep can also have consequences for blood pressure and body temperature. It’s shown that when someone is sleep-deprived, their body temperature is a little  colder than usual and once

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they do get the sleep they need, their breathing is different as well. I quote from that “Seep-deprived people, when they do sleep, tend to have longer and more frequent pauses in their breathing called apnea.” Apnea can cause other problems in the heart, high blood pressure, and diabetes if you continue to be sleep-deprived for a long time in life. Not having enough sleep not only affects you’re heart and breathing but also affects your height. Height is changed especially in children without sleep. This is a result of the growth hormones when children sleep and wake up again constantly throughout the night.


For these reasons, sleep is very important for us humans to do the many things we do every day. It’s very helpful to prevent health issues that may come up in the future because of sleep-deprivation. Without sleep, it can be more difficult for you to live life doing the things you enjoy more difficult for you to live life doing the things you enjoy to do and are passionate about. Remember, the ideal amount of sleep is around seven to eight hours to carry out your best self every day.