Why gum should be allowed at schools.



To start this off we want to make it clear that at our school they don’t allow you to chew gum. I see this as a big mistake. I think gum actually helps people focus more because they are subconsciously doing something else while also doing their work. Gum should be allowed at school because it has been proven that gum can help students focus more and can help them become the best possible students that they can be. It can help improve your memory and it helps you focus while studying. Chewing gum helps you relax and it relieves stress. The main reason people don’t allow you to chew gum at school? Because they think it is rude, annoying, and messy. They get mad because gum sometimes ends up under desks. Kids only do this so that they don’t get caught with the gum. If it were allowed they wouldn’t have to sneak it and they would probably just throw it away. Some people may still stick the gum under the desk, but I believe that if it were allowed they would be a little more respectful. Maybe gum can be rude or irritating sometimes, but it depends on who’s chewing the gum. If they decide to be rude and chew the gum loudly or just to irritate people, then that should be on them. Another benefit is that gum can also be helpful for kids or adults with ADD or ADHD. The chewing motion alone can help you relax while you are taking a test at school. Gum has been scientifically proven to have benefits while for people that are working or trying to focus on something. A study done by Dr. Kenneth Allen, a professor at NYU’s college dentistry, showed that gum can actually help you in school. According to another study done by Wrigley©, the gum brand, 65% of athletes chew gum in order to relieve the stress of the upcoming game.



  Some reasons that gum isn’t allowed are because in many modern cultures they believe that chewing gum in a workplace, school, or public areas can be considered as rude, distracting, or irritating. This should be considered while chewing gum in public areas as some people may find it irritating and rude. Most teachers say gum is too messy and will end up underneath the desk instead of being caught throwing it away. But if gum were allowed people might throw it away instead of being sneaky. Some students may put it on the floor or under the desk to be rebellious but if they were allowed to chew gum at school they might be more respectful. They should respect the rules because after all they have the privilege to be able to chew gum during class and they should respect that privilege. Another reason gum is not allowed is because of dental issues or other issues. Sugared gum with constant use can lead to tooth decay. Sometimes frequently chewing gum can lead to jaw stress which leads to strong facial pain and great discomfort in the back of the neck.


In our opinion we think that gum should be allowed at our school because it will help students relieve stress before or during a test and will help them focus on their work. They will be more respectful and throw gum away instead of putting it underneath the desk, they will respect this privilege.