Many people know about the LGBTQ+ community, some support it while others don’t. However, the LGBTQ+ community just likes the same gender, both genders, humans overall, aren’t in the right gender, or likes nobody. These people are just any other human, just trying to live their lives.


L: Lesbians

Lesbians are girls/women who like other girls/women. Their flag is a combination of all the shades of pink.


G: Gay

Gay people are boys/men who like other boys/men. Their flag is the rainbow to represent the diversity in the gay community. 


B: Bisexuals

Bisexuals are people who like both genders, boys and girls. Their flag has blue, representing boys, pink, representing girls, and purple, representing both genders. 


T: Trans

Trans people are people who believe that they are in the wrong body of gender. They then will get surgery in order to feel like they are in the right gender. Their flag has blue on both bottom and top, pink as well, and white in the middle. 

Q: Queer

Queer is a word that describes sexual and gender identities other than straight and cisgender.


+ : Plus! (other sexualities)

There are many different sexualities. Some I didn’t mention was 

  1. Pansexual – People who like anyone regardless of gender identity or sexuality.
  2. Asexual – You like nobody
  3. Non-Binary – You don’t identify as a girl nor a boy.
  4. Intersex – Variations of sex characteristic


All of these people really are just living a life like us. However, there are some antis that bully these people just for being different. There are some religious groups that go out onto the streets and literally protest against the LGBTQ+ community. Because of this, the LGBTQ+ community is afraid of coming out to religious relatives, family, friends, etc. They are afraid that the people they care about will judge them and end their good relationship with them. Mike Pence had the idea of putting gays into a conversion camp, where he will “electrocute the gay out of them.” You can’t control one’s feelings for other people, they come naturally.

The LGBTQ+ community comes together once a year during June to celebrate their pride in being who they truly are. This is called a Pride Parade. There is also a LGBTQ+ center that helps people feel valued no matter what part of the LGBTQ+ they are. Not everyone who supports the LGBTQ+ community is gay, there are supporters that are straight, but they understand the LGBTQ+ community. In the end, the LGBTQ+ community is like everyone else, just a tiny bit different.