History of McDonald’s Big Macs

History of McDonald’s Big Macs

Manuel Flores, Reporter

McDonald’s has been around for 64 years and one of their best known food products is the Big Mac. A Big Mac is a burger but Doubled the size and Bigger it has a top sesame seed bun with pickles,onions,meat lettuce and what they call “Special Sauce”,The sauce isn’t really known what’s in it,besides it having a condiment from Russia. People say that Special Sauce taste very good,and from trying it myself I can agree. The Big Mac was first introduced in 1967.

Back then Big Macs were only 45¢,The price remained that way until 1970,when they went up to $4.78. Big macs also started getting bigger over time and they started doubling the size of the buns and meat.And they starting adding the special sauce.Over 900 milllion Big Macs are each day worldwide. There are also other fast food restraunts like Burger King and Wendy’s which are trying the compite with Mcdonalds and they;ve made their own versions such as The Big Whopper and the Baconator.

However just because One is more popular doesn’t mean it’s all original the Big Mac was inspired by another popular restraunt In N Out, They started with their Double Double burger which was created in 1967. This Burger must have inspired since they are simmilliar in many ways  for one they both contain double of what a regular burger has.but one major difference is the Big macs have gotten smaller over the years.


But other than that the McDonald’s Big Macs are in my opinion very good and if you try it,you might like it yourself but i can’t promise that.