Say Something Week

March 3, 2020




In other schools, we have an important week, which is called say something week. This program helps us learn about the warning signs and threats of school shooting. These warning signs and threats are caused by bullying, social media, and so on. Sandy Hook Promise realizes how the generation are trying, and how school shooting is an important topic and how we all have to try our best to avoid future ones.


History of Sandy Hook shooting


The company was first created through a tragic event which resulted in the death of 27 people  which were 20 children between six and seven years old, six adult staff members, and 20 year old Adam Lanza. According to Wikipedia, it shows as a young kid he faced a certain issue which was Asperger syndrome. Asperger syndrome is a mental issue that causes a certain person to have difficulties communicating to others. The results people have while facing Asperger syndrome can be social isolation, employment problems, family stress, bullying, and self-harm. The police spoke out about this situation and stated that they were unable to find out a motive, but we are not saying this is right but we assume that Adam faced tough years throughout his middle school and elementary years which built up the motive of the school shooting he caused. Especially since in his teenage years he faced depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder which could have made him face even further issues.




After this Sandy Hook took measures to try to prevent this event from occurring again, not only in their school but worldwide. It’s a free program where any school can sign up to train their students about the warning signs or threats that can lead up to a school shooting. There are a lot of saff members who work for the Sandy Hook Program but the co-founders Mark Barden, Nicole Hockley, and Tim Makris. Their impact was they have trained more than 11 million adults and children, have more than 6,500 promise leaders, more than 4.5 who have “made a promise with the organization and have more than 2.7k programs in the country. Their overall mission throughout this great organization is to create a culture engaged in preventing shootings, violence, and other harmful acts in schools.

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