Biography of Jack Sullvian(Xplodin Film)

Biography of Jack Sullvian(Xplodin Film)

Manuel Flores, Reporter


Shawn Joseph Sullvian Jr. was born on on September 3rd 1998,he was born as a only child in the North Shore Hospital on Long Island,NY.Shawn  discovered Youtube in 2006,His cousins showed him cat videos and the numa numa guy.In 2009 Shawn started making videos on his friend,Phillip Channel which used to be called xJ272.They made their first video inspired by MarioMario8989 (Cute Mario Bros) called Cute Spongebob Revenge of Elmo.They usually made Spongebob based plush videos that were similiar to his Angry Bird Craptastic advetures but with different characters.

Image belongs to Shawn’s first account a screenshot from his video Cute Spongebob the movie

Phillip and Shawn continued to make videos for a while,until they stopped seeing each other.Shawn however was still interested in filming so he began making his own videos in 2009,Shawn created his own channel called Jsullivan 1998 where he created his nickname Jack Sullvian,his first video on that account was a Lego Mario video,but he still kept posting more spongebob videos.

However during 2010-2011 Jack and his friend Matt were into Angry Birds they had owned alot of angry bird costumes,they both had thoughs of making a angry birds series.Half with costumes,and half with plushies.However they scrapped the costume idea but they would have human cameos in their videos.Which is why in their first video “Angry Birds craptastic advetures The babysitter”Matt would be the waiter.

Around 2012-2013 Jack and Matt has started getting very popular on Youtube with at the time 794 subscribers and 2,373,401 views his most popular video to this day is Ice bird’s nightmare holding with 3,054,67 views


His channel was growing through so much popular although Jack was dealing with his own promblems,you see the popularity caused him to go through alot of stress promblems and he ended up becoming inactive for 4 years on Youtube,and the last video he uploaded before he left was “Angry birds craptastic advetures shark butt strikes again.


In 2015 Jack returned to Youtube explaining why he was gone and his new gaming/film channel called Xplodin Apple, but he also explained that he was going to make a series finale to his Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures. he released the finale which was called “Angry Birds Craptastic Advetures the final chapter”  Its over an 1 hour and Jack and Matt get together with their friends John,Adam,Domenick,Harry,Ben and Emily to make the family. Jack claims it to be “the best thing I’ve made.Heres a link to the finale 

A few months later he releases a trailer for a new series on his Channel which is a spin off series from a character called studder mctudderpants.The series was called The studder show with John on the crew, they wanted to make another series but that doesn’t evolve around Angry Birds.The series lasted 8 episodes and was suppose to have another season but when Jack,Matt,and John went to college they couldn’t film the second season.

Around 2015-2018 he stopped doing plush videos on his channel jsullvian1998 that he changed to Xplodin Film he started posting mainly skits and 1930s parodies(inspired by Charlie Chaplin) he also posted his college film projects on their too.Around that time however people were also telling him he should make more angry bird videos in the comments.

He kept making skits and films however and he created another account (Xplodin Apple)which he does gaming which he has now moved on too which he announced on a video.

He mainly posted on Xplodin Apple more then Xplodin Film for a while, but he still used Xplodin Film to upload some films and college projects.He stayed like that for a while until May 19 2019 when he uploaded “Elmo, Cookie Monster,and Grover go to Mcdonalds.

People were glad Jack and his friends went back to their old ways, but why?,well John and Matt really liked playing as Sesame Street characters so they convinced jack to film more with the puppets.after that they started releasing XF Movies which were just randomness of plush videos.

He also continued to upload some skits however they weren’t as popular as his plush videos.The last video he’s uploaded so far was Grovers Vacation.

Its not because of laziness or anything its due to this whole pandemic thats happening although he has confirmed that he does plan to make more videos.





So I know a lot of people would be asking why are you writing about some guy that plays with plush dolls, well he’s more than that he’s part of my childhood and every time I watch his Angry Bird Craptastic advetures I get nostalgia.and he’s really one of the most original plush youtube that don’t all follow the flow of Mario.So Jack,Matt,and John if your reading this thank you for everything.