Why Can’t We Keep Our Phones?


Angela Flores

Each day at O'Donovan Academy students are required to turn in their cell phones before school begins.

At O’Donovan there is a cell phone policy we must follow on page 11 of our agendas,”If you want your child to carry a cell phone to school, they must check in their device in the office at the start of each day by 7:40…” I think we shouldn’t have this cell phone policy at out school.


The school wants us to turn in our phones so they won’t get lost or cracked inside of our backpacks. That’s true but that does not mean we should be punished for not turning in our phones. Phones could be taken away or many other punishments so that won’t be a problem. It can teach us a lesson to be more responsible and careful.


This cell phone policy can keep us worried if the office staff breaks the phones or drops it in the office, and that can distract us even more. The school would have to pay for the damage for all phones that are cracked. We should change the cell phone policy and keep it in our backpacks because it’s not fair to keep it in the office.