Cramming for a Study Hall

Miss Juarez helps a 7th grade math student.

At O’Donovan Middle School, the biggest problem is that the school does not have a Study Hall. A study hall would be beneficial for students because it would encourage students to use their time to complete homework, catch up on missing assignments, etc. Right now O’Donovan Middle School doesn’t have a study hall  so what students do is not do their homework because they don’t understand or don’t have time. We can solve this by adding a study hall at O’Donovan Middle School to encourage students to do homework.

The problem isn’t that students don’t want to do their homework, it’s the fact that we just don’t have a study hall. Some students who are involved in sports and clubs sometimes don’t have time to do school work and then teachers think that students are not taking their work seriously. A study hall could also have teachers available to discuss work or assignments from any subject that students might not understand. There might be people that would not agree with me because students would not want to spend  their break on a study hall because they would rather spend their time with their friends. We can solve this by showing that a study hall can also be used to relax and listen to music, and forget about the stress of classes.

Additionally, people may say there is no space, no money, and no interest from students for a study hall. Something we should do about these problems is sell food, create games, make parties, etc, to make it fun for students. Students will go to the study hall if they get free periods to allow students to finish homework or study for upcoming tests. A way to make space for a study hall is getting two empty classrooms and turning them into one study hall.

O’Donovan Middle School should create a study hall so that students can have a chance to improve their grades and prepare for interims, CAASPP tests, and other exams.