Restroom Rule Should Be Flushed

Miss Garrett reminds a student he must wait to use the restroom.

At O’Donovan Academy, a 30-30 minute rule exists in every classroom. This means that for the last 30 minutes of class and the first 30 minutes of class, students are not allowed to use the restroom or get water. O’Donovan Academy should get rid of the 30-30 rule or at least they should shorten the restricted minutes. The 30-30 minute rule should be banned from O’Donovan Academy.

One reason why they should shorten the minutes or get rid of the 30-30 minute rule is because students may have bladder problems. A purpose why students or teachers may disagree is because this might show a way to control their bladder. Another reason is because students might be relieved and can focus on what’s on their mind (tests and assignments). A purpose why people might disagree is because students  might get used to it. People can think it won’t be necessary for multiple reasons. People can think it’s dumb and not helpful. Remember, those are opinions.

The 30-30 minute rule should be banned from O’Donovan Academy for life. This can help students concentrate on what’s important to them. It can make them focus on tests and assignments and make them feel more comfortable than usual. Students get very sluggish when teachers don’t let them. It benefits the students.