Uniforms Kill Individuality

Most students want to exercise their freedom of expression.

Most students want to exercise their freedom of expression.

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Many adults would say that school uniforms are for students to dress for success. Strict schools that are college-ready use uniforms. However, uniforms aren’t necessary for college because you can wear anything. I believe that uniforms should be abolished from O’Donovan.

Students are more comfortable during school when wearing their own clothing. Wearing their own clothing helps students express who they are. Teachers might disagree with this stance because the students won’t get bullied for their clothes. They say that students will get bullied because they don’t have a specific item. Teachers are basically saying that everyone has to wear the same thing, but students want to express themselves. Expressing one’s self is important because you could get a “preview” of what kind of person that person is. People might want to be unique instead of being like everyone else.

School uniforms should be banned. Students will be able to express themselves, and will learn to wear appropriate clothing to business meetings, school/work, etc. Would you want to express yourself or be like everyone else?