Black History Month Celebration

The Secrets Behind the Performances

ASB is proud of the Black History Month Celebration they planned.

ASB is proud of the Black History Month Celebration they planned.

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The month of February is all about black history. It represents the people that have helped African-American obtain their rights. To celebrate the people that have change African-Americans’ rights and lives, our school held a Black History Assembly where people performed. These performances include:

  • A Skit – The Underground Railroad – Mr. Stich,  Dania de La Cruz, Magdalena Herrera, Kimberly Mendoza, Jefferson Garcia, and Elias Vasque
  • A Lyrical Dance – “Heal the World” By Michael Jackson – Ms. Revill, Amy, Ahtziri, Estephani, Maricela, Gabriella
  • I Am Poems – Isaias Ramirez, Ashley Corlento, Exayana Hernandez, Andrea Diaz, Samantha Sosa, and Mr.A
The Underground Railroad

This skit directed by Mr. Stich was about how Harriet and her family found out about the Underground Railroad and freed themselves.


Franklin’s Child: Magdalena Herrera

Harriet: Kimberly Mendoza

Franklin: Jefferson Garcia

Conductor: Elian Vasquez

Story Line:

Takes place after Franklin is beaten by his master. His child is disturbed by the sight of Franklin being hurt. Child runs to Harriet and explains what has happened to Franklin. Child takes Harriet to Franklin where they discuss how unfair and rough times are at the moment. The conductor explains about the Underground Railroad and how slaves use it to escape. Harriet and her family make a plan to escape to freedom.

“Heal the World” Lyrical Dance

This lyrical dance was coached by Ms.Revill, who gives a brief explanation of what the song means.


The song conveys a message of treating each other with kindness & respect, no matter what race you are.

“I Am” Poems

These poems were told by Isaias, Ashley, Exayana, and Mr.A. Most of them do it because they wanted to participate, but do they know what it means? Well, here’s what they mean.


“I Am” Poems highlights a person who has contributed by helping their community get their rights. It allows students to learn about their work, their impact on others, and the accomplishments they have made throughout their journey.

This is especially meaningful as we move from Black History Month to Women’s Month in March.