Why Are Students Afraid of Sharing What They Enjoy?


Woman presenting at a meeting.

People are afraid of admitting they like a certain thing. Others are more confident. Why is this? Is it because they are more nervous about being judged? People have different reasons why they do this.

But, not all people are afraid. Take for example Cristian Fuentes, he is a 8th grader at O’Donovan Academy, he stated, “…I don’t care what others say, because it’s what I like.” However, like 7th grader, Judith Cruz, and 8th grader, Sarahi Perez, many students are afraid because they believe they might get judged by others. They believe that people will twist their words and make up rumors and start to spread those rumors. But sometimes that’s not the case. Confident people don’t care of what others think because it should be something they feel proud of enjoying. Most people who are afraid think they are the only ones that enjoy that thing and feel others won’t be welcoming.

One thing they all agree on is that people can get rid of this fear only if they work towards it. Fuentes suggests, “Say what you enjoy one-by-one to your friends.” Also, Cruz suggests, “Tell someone you trust.” Perez suggests, “Speak out to someone that relates to you.” You can try these methods to see if they can help you in your personal life. Being confident has its perks. Being confident can help you by being open to new ideas. It also helps you not get nervous when talking in front of a group of people. Being confident can help you become more successful in the present time and in the future. It also helps you receive constructive criticism easier.

Being vulnerable can be good in some circumstances. Take for example, a person is reviewing your first draft, in which you asked them to give you advice. Yes, you should be confident, but it won’t be the best since it’s just a draft. You have to expect that you will receive criticism, but it will help you in making your draft better. There also other circumstances, such as bringing a bad grade to your parents. You shouldn’t feel confident. You should feel vulnerable, because you have to expect the comments that your parents will give you. Their comments might hurt you emotionally, but it isn’t the right time to feel confident about your bad grade.

There are pros and cons of being afraid and confident. But, you should try to be able to be confident when it is needed. Such as presentations, job interviews, etc. Being confident can help you very much in your future if you start now!