Anti-Abortion Law Denies Women’s Liberty

Anti-Abortion Law Denies Women's Liberty

Yuraima Arreaga, Reporter, 7th Grade

Alabama can be a great state for many. Yet not everyone is aware of the abortion law that’s held by the state that many call home. On May 15, 2019, a law was set to abolish abortion in Alabama and soon to affect other states in the U.S. including Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Women started to protest against this anti-abortion law and I agree with their ideas. Abortion should be legal everywhere in the U.S. because there is loss of opportunity, women should have freedom of choice, and some women may live in an unsafe environment.

Denying a woman’s decision to abort is taking away their freedom of choice. Women didn’t even vote for this law in which I find unfair because women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their child. I quote, “Only male senators voted Tuesday to pass the most restrictive abortion bill in the country, which criminalizes abortion in the state and bans the procedure in nearly all cases including rape and incest.” (CNN Politics) Why do only men have a say on what a woman does with her own child?

Not only do women have limited freedom of choice, but they are limited to their opportunities in scho

ol. A child can interfere with one’s education. I’m not saying that a child is not important per se, but if the child’s mother is young and still goes to school, the child can lose their mother’s opportunities to get accepted in a good college. This will affect both the child and mother because a high paying job won’t be provided unless it’s an illegal job. So, it doesn’t make sense that people accept this law because a child deserves a chance to live.

This brings me to my last point, the unsafe environment the child might live in. Without the money that the mother could have had if she

went to college, the child can grow up without all its needs in order to survive. The state the mother and child may live in have economic issues and won’t be able to support its citizens. If the mother had not kept the baby,

the child would not have to suffer through the pain and likely die in a way

that would’ve been worse than abortion. The mother may have known what the baby was getting into but because abortion is illegal, the baby will go through a gruesome death that could’ve been prevented.

Others that disagree with me could possibly say something along the lines of, “the fetus could’ve grown up to have the cure to cancer,” or any other successes that the fetus could have considered to accomplish. This is true, we should give every soul a chance to live and time will say how it turns out.

This is a very good point, but have they ever stopped to think about the girl carrying the fetus? Maybe she could have the cure to cancer but because of a law such as this one, she is forced to take care of a child. A child costs a lot of money to take care of. The mother then won’t be able to get the education she needs because she can’t afford it. She also could’ve had the cure to cancer but without the money and education, she won’t be able to save so many more lives than the only one she could have lost.

Overall, abortion should be legal everywhere in the U.S. because there is loss of opportunity, women should have freedom of choice, and some women may live in an unsafe environment.