El Paso Shooting Raises Questions About Safety at O’Donovan

Police Line, Crime Scene taped used to control crowd access during police activity.

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Police Line, Crime Scene taped used to control crowd access during police activity.

August 3rd, 2019, was a day of a traumatic occurrence to many. It was just before 10:40 a.m. when a mass shooting happened in El Paso, Texas in a Walmart inside of a shopping mall. 22 people were left dead and 24 others were injured during this mass shooting. A 21 year old man named Patrick Wood Crusiui is the suspect of this shooting. Crusiui lived with his family in Allen, Texas, about 650 miles away from El Paso, Texas. He later confessed to police once arrested that his targets were latinos and his goal was to “shoot as many Mexicans as possibleaccording to The Texas Tribune.

  Crusiui had also previously demonstrated that he is a Trump supporter on social media and his actions are also being investigated by officials that believe that it may have been an act of domestic terrorism. It was found that the gun used was bought legally overseas. Many believe that the gun was bought overseas because it’s less expensive than ordering a gun in the U.S.. Walmart responded to this shooting by giving $400,000 to the families of the victims. Walmart also demanded that any handguns and assault weapons were to be prohibited from their stores across the U.S.. Though Crusiui did get arrested, some of the victims were in much need of blood due to their blood loss during the shooting. The hospital treating theses victims reached out on social media for any blood donations.

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Antonio Basco, one of the victim’s husband, welcomed many from other countries and states to bring flowers at her public funeral. (Her name isn’t exposed to the public yet by officials along with the other victims. Some names are only public because their family had talked about it on social media about them.) It’s also reported that a couple was killed protecting their two month old child. Andre and Jordan Anchondo attempted to shield their son, Paul, during the shooting. Their son did survive and Andre Anchondo’s brother is now responsible for him according to NPR.

This makes me feel scared because something as violent as this can happen anywhere at any time and can change so many lives in a matter of seconds. This still makes me feel disappointed though because there are still small signs that we can look out for that could have possibly prevented this. The gun was also bought legally which I think shouldn’t have happened. This matters for our school because it’s sadly common for shootings to happen in schools. Knowing about this, we know that it’s important to prepare for something like this in order to stay safe regardless of where it is. This matters to our community too because violence can happen everywhere and our community already has enough violence as it is. It’s important that violence doesn’t increase making it even more unsafe than it already is. Something we can do to ensure that this kind of violence doesn’t happen here is to look for signs that show someone is planning to hurt others. Examples of things to look out for are if that person repeatedly makes jokes about hurting others, posts about shootings on social media, or has weapons on them. If any of these are seen, it’s important to report it quickly to a trusted adult in school or outside of school. You can write an incident report or go on the school website odonovanacademy.org and email any staff or teacher about what you saw or heard. This will help prevent people from actually causing violence at school and other places in public or even at home.



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