MasonMillion the Youtuber


Mason Million started his channel on Youtube on March 24 2018. His channel was originally called “Toxin” and his first video was called “Trump vs Hillary animation.” His first couple of videos were to show off his editing skills.  


Here are the links to his first videos:

 However, this all changed for Cameron known as Mason Million. He was inspired by Youtubers like L Boy Carson and Six Side Studios making their own fan films. This led Cameron to decide to make his own fan film with the help of his friends, who are Khallillo Petway, and Ashton Pittman. Their film was based on a Comic Series “ Spiderman, The Miles Morales Story.” After their hard work has been finished  being filmed and edited, Cameron uploads it on Youtube. It was able to become a successful film. It was so successful that the film was gaining a variety of views. 

Thumnail for Cameron’s film on Yoututbe

Fun Fact: He was able to get a comment from L Boy Carson–the person who inspired him to do the film on Youtube.                        


L Boy Carson1 year ago

Later on, Cameron Noticed that he was getting a lot of  attention based on his film which led him to begin making more spiderman fan films with the help of his friends. However, during the era of his early times on Youtube, his films were on a really low budget. For starters, one of the reasons why is because  he recorded on a phone. Another reason is, he had to reshoot scenes because Ashton couldn’t remember his lines. Lastly, he had no real suits.   

Later on, this all changed when he got his first real spiderman suit and he even made a video about it too.

A couple of months later, Cameron has gotten more cosplays for his films, changed his channelel name to Mason Million. He got his first iPhone and from then his films started getting better. These days, his films have changed. His channel has gotten much more popular and he’s even started using better equipment like cameras and actually started going to locations.

Cameron Mcnabb’s (MasonMillion) story through Youtube has inspired me to show you how you can start from small to so much and if we compare him from then and now you can see the differences.