Giselle Camey
Hi my name is Giselle Camey and I am 12 years old (I am about to turn 13 on October 31). Most of my family is from Guatemala but I was born here in California. I have been an O'Donovan student for 2 years and this year it is my 3rd year. I would say that my favorite thing about O'Donovan is how there is a lot of help here. If you don't understand something the teachers will be glad to take your questions and our counselors can help you out with many things if you let them. One of the many things that I like to do is listen to music (especially K-pop). I joined journalism because last year it was really fun and I really like doing projects like interviews. My goal for Journalism for this year is to do at least one interview that is outside of the O'Donovan school complex.


Giselle Camey, Reporter, 8th Grade

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