Ilene Meza
Hi, my name is Ilene Meza and I am in the 8 th grade. I was born in Los Angeles. I am 13 and I have 3 sisters. I am Mexican . My favorite food is spaghetti. My favorite animals are a bunny and a sea otter. I live with my twin sister, my mom and my dad. One of my sisters lives in Japan and is in the Marines. My other sister has 2 kids and has her own house. This is my 3rd year in journalism and I enjoy it very much. I joined journalism because I really wanted to make memories and report a lot. Something I wish I could change about O’Donovan Academy is the schedule because it makes me and everyone else more stressed.This makes me stressed because we usually have homework everyday that is due the next day.  I love doing cheer but not at this school. I cheer at Prestige All-Stars in Inglewood. I got in it because of my older sister. She used to know my coach because he worked at her school. And now I have been in it for 5 years. I also love drawing. My favorite thing about journalism is when we make our profiles. I want to go to USC for college. I want to study culinary which is cooking. I want to be a chef when I grow up.

Ilene Meza, Reporter, 8th grade

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Ilene Meza