Kinberlin Cruz
Hi! My name is Kinberlin Cruz and I am proud to be a person that can inform you not only about what is happening at O’Donovan Academy, but also about what's happening outside of school. I have lived in LA my whole life and I have learned that there can be ups and downs, but you can’t never give in.  I am in 8th grade at O’Donovan and this is my second year in journalism. (Fun Fact: I’m an animal person and I like to sing.)

My plan for the future is to graduate from college. I want to go to USC or UCLA, and to have a stable life. I have always wanted to be involved in helping animals and I would like to get a job with The Humane Society of the United States.This job is my dream job because I know that in this world they are not taking the right measurement towards animals.

An inspirational Quote I will cherish forever is “You can’t expect to see change if you never do anything differently.”

Kinberlin Cruz, Supervising Editor

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Kinberlin Cruz