Sonia Ruiz
Hi, my name is Sonia Ruiz and i am in the 8th grade. I am full of different types of personalities. One day you might see me ok and then you'll see my crying with laughter. I was born in Denver, Colorado. I have been in Los Angeles for at  least since I was a toddler. I have been a student at O’Donovan for 3 years counting this year. My favorite thing at O’Donovan is the sports they allow us to play after school. You may not know this, but you can play soccer volleyball and basketball after school hours. Something I would change about O'Donovan would be to have an actual cafeteria  to play and eat and not in a parking lot. Some hobbies that I like are soccer, volleyball, and cooking. I joined Journalism because I already had two years of experience in ASB and I wanted to try out Journalism to know how both work. My favorite thing that I like in Journalism is taking pictures and trying to make a new story on my own. I would like to go to Stanford or USC. I would like to study to become a veterinarian or a K-9 trainer for police. Before I get a full-time job, I would like to go to the Navy Seals or to the Marines.

Sonia Ruiz, Reporter, 8th grade

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Sonia Ruiz