Yuraima Arreaga
Hi, my name is Yuraima Arreaga and I am in the 8th grade. I was born here in Los Angeles, California and I’ve lived here for the past 13 years. This is my second year in journalism and I’m glad to be back this year. I first joined journalism to reach out and experience something new. I’m personally a little shy, but when I’m with the right people at the right place, I can be great to talk to. I like to play sports like basketball and volleyball that I’ve played at school and outside of school with other teams. I like to watch shows like Riverdale, Friends, and 13 Reasons Why on Netflix during some of my free time. I’m still not sure of what career I want to pursue, but I still dream of being accepted to a really good college. My goal in journalism is to make articles about problems in the world that I believe should be acted upon and I want to take advantage of the voice I have to speak up for these problems.


Yuraima Arreaga, Reporter, 8th grade

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Yuraima Arreaga